Wednesday, June 15, 2016

End of School!

I realize I am posting things out of order but I figured it was better to get the more recent stuff posted before I could forget all about it!

Tucker and Hunter finished school! I always new it was going to happen and it did. Their school has a dance showcase put on by each of the grades on the last day of school. My mom was still here helping me out after having Walker so she got to attend too! I'm grateful both of my boys were up front so that I could capture them so well. I am also grateful that the mom that moved right in front of Hunter to record her own child while I was recording Hunter sat down. :)

Here is Hunter's Dance for the end of his 1st grade year

Here is Tucker's dance for his end of 2nd grade year

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Other May Happenings

In no particular order:

Tucker and Hunter finished their soccer season. I failed to take them to all but one of their team practices despite my firm belief that practices are super important. One of them they missed because we attended my Grandpa King's funeral. Anyway they had a great dad step up to be their coach. He threw a pizza party for them and their families at the park the Saturday after their last game!

When the kids came to see me at the hospital Connor refused to come see Walker or even give me a hug. He was super happy to eat his treats that the nurse provided me with however. Even Maelee was stand-off-ish initially. I eventually won her over by pointing our Walkers tiny toes and fingers. Then she had to come closer to get a better look. This eventually led to her having a turn holding him. Now she is always wanting to hold him and I have to remind her that he is a baby and so she can't bounce him or squeeze him. As soon as I came home from the hospital Connor was all about Walker and loved him and wanted to hold him and regularly asks to hold him. He is always giving Walker kisses on his head.

While my mom was here we endeavored to walk to the park near our house. We have never walked to this park before because a huge chunk of it didn't have sidewalk until recently when the cemetery was expanded. There is still a small portion without sidewalk on the busier street but not much. Anyway, Brylee, Maelee, and Gunnar rode their bikes while I pushed the stroller with Connor and Walker. We made it safe and had lots of fun being out of the house!

The kids found some "soft" chalk that was wet from the sprinklers and painted each other with it :)

Maelee started preschool. She was super excited to and even when I was dropping her off up until I handed her off to her teachers. The second time she did much better and she was taking the bus by the third time and was happy every day she got home. She only got to go 5 times before it was out for the summer but she will get to start up again in the fall. She qualified for this preschool based on her speech and other social/behavioral challenges. I am excited to get her the extra help to figure out everything in her life!

Connor has taken to falling asleep in the hallway outside his bedroom door. I don't usually stress about him not staying in his bed because he just lays on the ground by the door and leaves me alone.

And then we just did some other random stuff. Enjoy the pictures!

Memorial Day

Bryant discovered a pretty sweet and gorgeous park up the canyon as a result of his new route. We went and checked it out the Saturday before Memorial day and brought a picnic lunch. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to celebrate Memorial Day there as well. I posted our plans on facebook, hoping for someone to want to join and our friends the Fosdicks commented that they 'might' crash our party. I immediately invited them. It was so fun to celebrate with them! It was also a really big help to have more adults there. CHris (the father) wanted to go exploring so he took one of his children and ended up with 4 of mine as they hiked up the mountain behind the creek. He also pulled several of my children in their wagon around the park along with his kids. My kids also found a really easy tree to climb. I decided that it would make a great place to have family pictures taken in a couple of months, To test my theory I took a few single shots of some of the children. I also really liked that the reek was shallow where we set up so there was no concern of anyone falling over and drowning, always a plus when you have 111 children to keep account of. Walker also slept the majority of the time, only waking to eat and then go back to sleep, such a perfect baby :)